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Olson Plott Hound - Ellie

Some of Ellie's puppies:

Ellie - $500


Ellie Puppies - $200

The father to Ellie's litter is Otis.

Ellie's mother is a papered pit bull owned by Morgan Hatch. Her father is a Sizzling Heat plott named Ruffus owned by Wendel Hatch.

Maggie's puppies:

Barney, the father to Otis, and one of Bob's best hunting dogs ever.

Sparky, the mother to Otis (right side of picture). This was her last bear hunt.

Maggie Puppies - $200


The sire to Maggie's litter is Scout owned by Morgan Hatch. Scout's mother is Rubie owned by Wendel Hatch. Rubie is an incredible bear-sticking dog.

Maggie's mother is Ellie (pictured above). Her father is Otis, Bob's lead strike dog.

Otis's father was Barney, a double bred Weems Plott, and incredible cold-nosed strike dog. Otis's mother was Sparky, a Redtick hound that Bob bought from Wendel Hatch.

Olson Plott Hound - Jazzy

Some of Jazzy's puppies:

Jazzy Puppies - $200


The father to Jazzy's litter is Otis.

Jazzy's mother is Gerdy and her father is George, owned by Zach Rawlings and Morgan Hatch respectively.

For more information about Bob's dogs, contact him at 435-469-0057

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Olson Plott Hound - Ellie

Olson Plott Hound - Jazzy