Early Training

Bob starts out introducing his young pups (eight weeks to three months old) to racoons. He observes and works with the pups on the chase.

Puppy training video shows dogs chasing a protected racoon

Bob Olson on winter hunt

Bob takes training serious. It's about enjoying the sport, the outdoors, and making sure the dog's are successful.

Otis and Junior | Olson Plott Hounds

Otis and Junior (Bob's strike dogs). Picture taken just before setting out to establish a trail for the younger dogs to follow.

Bob with three young pups in training, including Roger Dodger.

The training continues as the pups get older, using many of the same ground techniques.

Young dogs chasing racoon through the grass...

...and into the tree

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Bob Olson on winter hunt

Otis and Junior | Olson Plott Hounds