Roger Doger

Bob's kennel will consist of two Plott lines. Otis represents the first line, a Plott mix carefully bred for the character traits found in aggressive, cold-nosed bear and mountain lion Plotts. This registered puppy is the foundation Plott of the second line.

Rodger Dodger (right) with his older companion Dutton (left).

Blue Ribbon Pedigree


Dutton is one of Bob's most athletic dogs. Watching him run through the brush in rough terrain is athleticism in motion. Until the puppy is old enough to join the hunt as part of the pack, he is Dutton's constant companion.


This cat killed two sheep on the evening of January 19, 2019. Bob didn't get the call until 1:30 pm the next day.

The Hunt

Bob put Bully, Roscoe, Dutton, and Maggie on the track at 2:30 pm right off the sheep kill. The lion tracks were melted out pretty bad, so the dogs cold trailed for 45 minutes before they jumped and treed the lion.

Bob said the dogs did a great job working a cold, day-old trail. He was "extremely impressed" with Maggie, who gave birth to a litter of puppies earlier in the year.

Bob put Roger Doger, Max, and two other young dogs on the trail behind the lead dogs. They caught up with the other dogs at the tree before the farmer shot the lion. Experiencing success is an important part of their training.

Left to right: Roscoe, Maggie, four younger dogs with Roger Doger in front.

It's worth noting that Roger Dodger, Max, and the other young dogs sniffed out the lion track over ground where a couple hundred sheep had been grazing all day. The track was stomped out for 200 yards past the sheep kill before the dogs hit an undisturbed lion track, which they still had to cold trail. Three of the dogs are ¼ pit bull, dismissing the notion that the pit bull breed takes away from a hound's sniffing ability.

The sheep farmer who shot the lion.

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